General Conditions

These conditions are applicable to all services provided by Matho, unless otherwise listed or agreed.

  1. Quotes are non-committal and valid for 14 days.
  2. Quotes are only applicable on the current assignment and not necessarily for future assignments.
  3. The customer recognizes email traffic as legal and binding evidence.
  4. The customer confirms that the provided material (both textual and graphical) is correct and complete. The customer also acknowledges that Matho is not responsible for any damage caused by wrong and/or incomplete material provided by the customer.
  5. The customer confirms that the provided material (both textual and graphical) is his/her property, is free of copyright or that he/she has an agreement with the legal owner of the material.
  6. Delivery times are only an indication and are non-binding.
  7. With every assignment, the customer automatically allows Matho to use any designs made within the assignment for commercial purposes. The customer can refuse this by mentioning this beforehand.
  8. In case of any delay whatsoever, caused by the customer, Matho can use interim invoices to cover the services already provided. Matho can also demand that these invoices must be paid before continuing to work on the assignment.
  9. Payment has to be done within 21 calendar days after invoice date, unless otherwise agreed.
  10. If payment is not done within 21 calendar days after invoice date, by operation of law and without notice the amount will be increased by a fixed compensation of 15%, with a minimum of 50€ and an interest of 1.25% per month over the total amount due, starting from the invoice date, and each new month will be charged as a full month. This compensation remains payable even if the late invoice is only paid in principal. With every reminder note there will be a charge of 12.50€ for administrative fees. Any litigation arising from non-payment of an invoice shall be borne by the client.
  11. From the moment an agreement is concluded between the customer and Matho, the customer is required to make the payment. This agreement can be concluded via email. The conclusion of this agreement also implies the acceptance of our terms and conditions.
  12. In case of dispute, only the courts of Ghent have jurisdiction.